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Chanel Le Rouge 2014: the collection

Chanel_Le_Rouge_2014 (1)

Every moment starts with the smile that you choose to wear.
In 2014, Chanel presents VARIATION COLLECTION the new range that offers a multitude of colors and effects. Three harmonies decline a wide range of nuances, subtle or intense: the natural colors, the pink-red, purple. A palette that gloss, lipsticks shiny, satin or velvet and pencils for lip interpret in a different way, to multiply the emotions. (more…)

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation: second skin effect!

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

Foundation “second skin” effect, smoothes and evens out the complexion for a flawless result but very natural. Its light texture, melts instantly on the skin and is almost imperceptible.

PERFECT SKIN AFFINITY COMPLEX: thanks to its formula, it perfectly fits the face and guarantees lasting color and brightness throughout the day.

COMPLEX PATENT PERFECT LIGHT CONTROL: imperfections, blemishes and redness are mitigated without any masking effect and without compromising the brightness of the face.

Its buzzwords: transparency and opacity, coverage and lightness, brightness and comfort. On the skin it is almost imperceptible. In an instant, the color is impeccable: all facial imperfections are smoothed, the skin texture is refined and pores are reduced. The consistency in PERFECTION LUMIERE VELVET is flexible and does not create thickness, for a correction and a perfectly adjustable on measure. Apply with fingertips and disappears instantly on contact with the skin.

PERFECTION LUMIERE VELVET is contained in a sleek black bottle , practical and light , to always wear make up for a very simple gesture .
First, unscrew the cap. Then , shake the bottle to disperse the formula , blocking the opening with your index finger . Finally applies in an instant , with the fingertips , blending and smoothing the inside towards the outside of the face .

A secret : PERFECTION LUMIERE VELVET can also be used in small touches like concealer on some areas with imperfections.

PERFECTION LUMIERE VELVET is available in 6 shades .

It will be available from mid-April with a price of € 39.50 ( 30ml ) .

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Chanel Dentelle Précieuse Powder: shine and sculpt!

Chanel Dentelle Précieuse Powder (2)

Like when you have a lightning strike on the street … In the same way this powder has kidnapped your heart my dear make up geeks! Chanel regarded the Dentelle as “one of the best reproductions of the designs of nature”, it reminded her of the extraordinary designs that the leaves and branches of trees embroider across the sky. Inspired by this delicate workmanship and elegant, CHANEL has created DENTELLE PRECIEUSE, an illuminating powder that (more…)

Chanel Les 4 Ombres: the collection inspired by the tweed

chanel-les-4-ombres-collection-make-up (1)

Chanel continues to enchant us with a new collection that is inspired by the most emblematic fabric of the house, the tweed! Eight new harmonies that, like colored threads, are combined to perfection to create a multitude of looks. The single eyeshadow palettes are proposed with a new formulation, characterized by pure pigments exceptional concentration, for an even more intense and long-lasting. Then we discover the whole collection! (more…)

Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition: for a beautiful skin for summer!


It’s the camellia to inspire two new products in the Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition, a delicate and fragrant flower that blooms in the dead of winter, able to self-hydrate and protect yourself from the cold thanks to the precious waxes that wrap around its petals, reaches the peak of its beauty when most of the plants is hiding. CHANEL creates HYDRA BEAUTY NUTRITION. (more…)

This is BLEU de CHANEL


Are you looking for the perfect gift for him? Or maybe he is just looking for a fragrance that best represents his personality… In both cases, the answer may be BLEU de CHANEL, the fragrance of the iconic French fashion house, designed for the man who continue to pursuit of freedom and that embodies the freedom of men.

It’s a woody aroma essence timeless, it expresses strength and elegance. (more…)