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Dior Capture Totale Sérum de Teint N.20 Light Beige // Beauty Review


How many times have you received  absolutely useless samples because it do not suit your complexion? A few weeks ago after my shopping at Sephora, while I was paying the staff gave me some samples: some perfumes and a Dior foundation. I opened the sample a little bit intrigued of it, especially since I already used a foundation Dior, and I read Capture Totale N.020

Strange but true, the tone is so delicate that the slight detachment of color compared to my complexion, has disappeared as soon as I diluted with my moisturizer. This has absolutely spoiled the characteristics of this foundation that I was pleasantly surprised!

I tried the 020 Light Beige, a color that I would use in the summer when – although I do not tan ever – my skin takes on a healthier skintone than my usual “lunar whiteness”. Dior declined this product in 12 shades, from the lightest to the darkest. What is common to all shades is definitely a certain delicacy of color that I have found only in Dior .

It is a fluid foundation that, once applied, it is rapidly absorbed, has a medium coverage and a good seal (about 7 hours). Easy to apply, it is a product that, if purchased in a shade not just equal to your complexion, it is extremely adaptable.

The effect that this foundation gives is: a face brighter, uniform and compact.

The price is €71.00.

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