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Chanel Le Rouge 2014: the collection

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Every moment starts with the smile that you choose to wear.
In 2014, Chanel presents VARIATION COLLECTION the new range that offers a multitude of colors and effects. Three harmonies decline a wide range of nuances, subtle or intense: the natural colors, the pink-red, purple. A palette that gloss, lipsticks shiny, satin or velvet and pencils for lip interpret in a different way, to multiply the emotions.

Chanel_Le_Rouge_2014 (5)
The nature in all its facets, to live every moment with elegance, sure of your smile.
ROUGE COCO 61 CHÉRI, a delicate peach. (Price € 30.50)
ROUGE COCO SHINE 69 FLIRT, a coral apricot for a touch of the sun. (Price € 30.50)
ROUGE COCO SHINE ON 89 satisfacti, beige becomes intense and sophisticated. (Price € 30.50)
ROUGE ALLURE 144 CONQUISE, an apricot satin, a shade full of character. (Price € 31.50)
ROUGE ALLURE VELVET 43 THE FAVORITE, an intense coral, mat and light: a touch brash and unusual. (Price € 31.50)
LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES 181 BLISS, a peach shade that illuminates the lips of mother of pearl and gold. (Price € 26.00)
LE CRAYON LÈVRES emphasizes the smile to perfection with two natural shades to match with lipsticks and gloss of the collection: 34 NATURAL, a deep beige, and 89 BEIGE SATIN, a powdery pink beige. (Price € 22.50)

Chanel_Le_Rouge_2014 (6)
All the emotions you read on the lips, in the tenderness of a pastel pink and the passion of a red light.
LE ROUGE COCO 54 BAISER, the brightness of the golden hues of deep pink, a classic hues impertinent.
ROUGE COCO SHINE 91 Bohème, a solid red light, fresh and lively on the lips.
ROUGE COCO SHINE 87 RENDEZ-VOU S, a deep pink and azure, charm pure state.
ROUGE ALLURE 138 impetuous, bright pink, ultra-feminine and uncompromising.
ROUGE ALLURE VELVET 46 LA malicieuse, a red light for an irresistible velvety smile.
LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES 179 MURMURE, a candy pink in the sign of sweetness.
LE CRAYON LÈVRES DE ROSE BOISE 48, a classic easy to match, and 88 * ROSE CLAIR, a delicate pink.

Chanel_Le_Rouge_2014 (7)
A smile of character for a special day. The plum tinted reflections shakes the classics and creates an aura of mystery.
ROUGE COCO 62 IRRÉSISTIB LE, a dusty pink with silver reflections, reinterpretation of a timeless classic.
ROUGE COCO SHINE 90 Mutine, a soft pink iridescent silvery reflections.
ROUGE COCO SHINE 92 Emotion, a deep plum pink, sublimated by a strong brilliance.
ROUGE ALLURE 145 Rayonnante, a change in deep and enveloping hues of fuchsia purple.
ROUGE ALLURE VELVET 47 Amoureuse, an antique rose intense, provocative and sophisticated.
LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES 182 TOCADE, a plum pure state, to effect a “glossy”.
LE CRAYON LÈVRES two character options to define the lip contour: 55 FUSCHIA, a deep pink, and ROSE 68 Poudre, an antique rose.

Chanel_Le_Rouge_2014 (8)
On the nails, VERNIS 609 LE COUP DE COEUR is a lacquered plum, deep and bright. A glaze exclusive, irresistible draw each of which reinforces the harmony of colors: red lipsticks combined with ultra-feminine pink and of course with elegant beige, with bold purple hue. (Price € 23.00)

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